Project Oversight

Working Together To Keep Your Project Compliant

Let Alliant Take On The Burden Of Your Project

Our team will monitor the compliance of all contractors and subcontractors working on your project from the top down. By reviewing weekly Certified Payroll Reports as well as supplemental labor compliance documentation, such as required forms, fringe benefit calculations and wage rate verification, we work to ensure all workers are paid the required prevailing wage rate and regulations are being followed.

Project Oversight Can Include

  • Review of Project Information, Funding Requirements, Bid & Contract Documents
  • Review of Applicable State and/or Federal Prevailing Wage Requirements
  • Collection of Proper Wage Decisions and Applicable Increase Allocations
  • Collection & Review of Subcontractor Documents
  • Verification of Overtime Rate and Prevailing Wages Paid in Full
  • Review of Apprenticeship Regulations and Compliance Status
  • Monthly Compliance Reports
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