Awarding Agencies and Developers are required by law and funding requirements to ensure prevailing wage regulations are met on their projects. Penalties and loss of project funding are major risks that would be devastating to both the project and the local community in which it was built for. Alliant minimizes that risk by protecting the integrity of the project through our comprehensive labor compliance oversight services. Our experts take on the burden of State and Federal compliance regulations to ensure a compliant project and protect it from adverse risk.

Project Oversight

Our team will monitor the compliance of all contractors and subcontractors working on your project from the top down. By reviewing weekly Certified Payroll Reports as well as supplemental labor compliance documentation, such as required forms, fringe benefit calculations and wage rate verification, we work to ensure all workers are paid the required prevailing wage rate and regulations are being followed. Alliant also specializes in Section 3, DBE, Skilled & Trained and PLA oversight to supplement our prevailing wage oversight on a project, ensuring overall compliance.

Audits & Assessments

When facing a possible state investigation or federal audit, having a knowledgeable team to on your side to assess the risk can mean the difference between costly penalties and trivial restitution payments. Here at Alliant, we offer high level, in-depth audit and risk assessments on projects of all sizes to determine a company or project’s compliance status.

Our Assessments Include:

  • Bid and Contract Language Review for Inclusion of Prevailing Wage Verbiage
  • Review of Client Labor Compliance Monitoring and Process
  • Detailed Audits for Misclassification, Underpayment, Overtime, Pre-Determined Increases,
    Fringe Benefits & Restitution Owed to Workers
  • Full Audit Status and Compliance Assessment Report
  • Summary of Recommended Action Plan to Achieve Full Compliance

As-Needed Oversight

Handling labor regulations in-house but need some extra guidance upon occasion? Alliant’s As-Needed Labor Compliance Services can be tailored to suit our client’s needs:

  • Wage Verification
  • Payroll Review
  • Subcontractor Fringe Audits
  • Correspondence with the Department of Industrial Relations and/or Department of Labor
  • Interpretation of Prevailing Wage Laws
  • Review of Contract Agreements

If you need another type of compliance service just ask, we likely offer it! Alliant is proud to also specialize in Section 3, DBE, DVBE, Local Hire, PLA, PSA and other specialized programs to aid in our compliance duties.


Protect Your Project. Understand Compliance.

Alliant offers training to awarding agencies, contractors and subcontractors working on public and private projects by providing the knowledge and tools necessary to stay in compliance. Our comprehensive training includes a 2 to 3-hour, in-person or online web-based training where we will help your team become more knowledgeable in the topics of your choice and work to address any concerns that may have arisen in the past.

A Sample of Basic Training Topics

  • Introduction to Public Works and Prevailing Wage
  • Training Payments & Fringe Contributions
  • DIR Registration
  • Apprentice Requirements
  • Certified Payroll Reporting
  • Skilled & Trained Workforce
  • Required Forms & Documentation
  • Subcontractor Requirements
  • Wage Determinations
  • Protect Your Liability As A Contractor

Our Training can be a customizable experience to best fit your company’s needs or we can provide you with the basic knowledge needed to maintain compliance on your projects

Alliant also offers monthly webinars on a variety of topics.

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