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Stay up to date, know what’s expected and avoid penalties. Comprehensive training services to protect your project.

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Alliant's focus on educating both awarding agencies and contractors is key to success for a compliant project. Our Comprehensive training and education program help keep all parties "in the know" to not only understand prevailing wage requirements but also to streamline best practices for compliances and to stay away from costly penalties for unintended mistakes.

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Don’t miss our popular Davis Bacon Federal Prevailing Wage and California Compliance Workshops, offered along with a variety of related topics monthly.

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Awarding Agencies, Developers, CM & Engineering Firms

Alliant’s training for project owners & managers is focused on keeping the project in compliance and avoid loss of funding for the project. Understand your role, responsibilities, common pitfalls and what you need to do to ensure a compliant project.

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Prime Contractors

On both public and private projects, prime contractors hold a tremendous about of liability for compliance of their subcontractors. Learn best practices for oversight of your subcontractors and what is required to ensure your liability is kept to a minimum and your project is compliant.

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Whether you’re new to prevailing wage or just need a refresher course, subcontractors need to understand what the rules are to be compliant and to get paid on time. Learn details of certified payroll, document requirements and apprentice laws to keep your paperwork in order and have success in the prevailing wage arena.

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