Alliant Consulting is one of the nation’s premier third party labor compliance firms, offering prevailing wage oversight, training and auditing services from coast to coast. Our team is dedicated to partnering with Awarding Agencies, Developers, Construction Management and Engineering Firms, Prime Contractors and Subcontractors, to reduce liability and implement best practices to stay compliant.

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Labor Compliance Project
Our Work Matters

With ever changing prevailing wage laws and regulations that put our clients at risk, we understand and embrace the challenges each project brings. From bridges and highways, to state-of-the-art schools and groundbreaking hospitals, the projects we work on continue to better communities across the nation. We take pride in the work we do, the foundation it is built on and the people we protect.

Our Values


We are consistently open, honest, ethical and genuine.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards in the work we do.


Our reliable staff provide the best service to our clients.


Practicing impartiality in our work to provide open and honest results.

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Alliant Consulting Labor Compliance Program
Our Story

In 2003 Alliant Consulting was founded with a mission to provide local school districts with a Labor Compliance Program to use on their construction projects. Almost Over twenty years later Alliant has grown to be a premier national compliance service provider supporting Cities, Counties, Developers, Non-Profits, Prime Contractors and CM/PM/Engineering Firms in our backyard of California and across the United States.

Over almost two decades of experience, we have expanded our team of labor compliance professionals to include compliance specialists in an array of disciplines – Prevailing Wage, Private, DBE, Section 3 and PLA across a variety of industries.

We are proud to be DBE, SBE and WBE Certified.

Christa Schott
Alliant Consulting Employee
Our People
A Collaborative Approach to Compliance

Our team is made up of passionate people and industry experts, bringing together years of experience to provide quality service for our clients. By building a diverse and inclusive workforce, we strive to create a culture that promotes collaboration and a sense of community.

Meet Our Team
Christa Schott
Christa Schott
Christa Schott President Contact Me
Labor Compliance Analyst_Frances Manto
Frances Manto
Frances Manto Compliance & Development Manager Contact Me
Brooke Fehrenbach
Brooke Fehrenbach
Brooke Fehrenbach Operations Manager Contact Me
Judie Fehrenbach
Judie Fehrenbach
Judie Fehrenbach Sr Labor Compliance Specialist Contact Me
Ashley Schach
Ashley Schach
Ashley Schach Sr Labor Compliance Analyst Contact Me
Christopher Boswell
Christopher Boswell
Christopher Boswell Sr Labor Compliance Analyst Contact Me
Labor Compliance Analyst_Lisa Ruby
Lisa Ruby
Lisa Ruby Sr Labor Compliance Analyst Contact Me
Labor Compliance Analyst_Cristina Aguirre
Cristina Aguirre
Cristina Aguirre Labor Compliance Analyst Contact Me
Labor Compliance Clerk II_Isabelle Seely
Isabelle Seely
Isabelle Seely Labor Compliance Analyst Contact Me
Labor Compliance Clerk II_Rebecca Turner
Rebecca Turner
Rebecca Turner Labor Compliance Analyst Contact Me
Diego Anaya
Diego Anaya
Diego Anaya Labor Compliance Analyst Contact Me
Arlo Castelo
Arlo Castelo Labor Compliance Clerk Contact Me
Lidi Martinez
Lidi Martinez Labor Compliance Clerk Contact Me
Keylee Schulz
Keylee Schulz Labor Compliance Clerk Contact Me
Sophia Castaneda
Sophia Castaneda Labor Compliance Clerk Contact Me
Casey Joseph
Casey Joseph Labor Compliance Clerk Contact Me
Melissa Hoadley
Melissa Hoadley Labor Compliance Clerk Contact Me
Berenis Juarez
Berenis Juarez Labor Compliance Clerk Contact Me
Monique Dominquez
Monique Dominquez Business Support Assistant Contact Me
Lily Peralta
Lily Peralta Site Monitor / Admin. Assistant Contact Me
Molly Junior Pawject Manager
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