As-Needed Support

Prevailing Wage Assistance When You Need It

Sometimes All You Need Is A Little Help

Handling labor regulations in-house but need some extra guidance upon occasion? Alliant’s As-Needed Labor Compliance Services can be tailored to suit our client’s needs. We are here to help answer questions, offer prevailing wage clarification and provide as needed support services to our client.

As-Needed Labor Compliance Support Services

Prevailing Wage Advice, Assistance and Answers in Relation To:

  • Prevailing Wage & Davis-Bacon Acts Legal Requirements
  • Prevailing Wage Rates, Overtime Calculations, & Fringe Benefit Allowances
  • Apprentice Registration, Rates and Requirements
  • Scope of Work Verification
  • Prevailing Wage Research & Support
  • DIR Inquiries
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