Audits & Assessments

Helping Your Team Anticipate and Avoid Risk

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When facing a possible state investigation or federal audit, having a knowledgeable team to on your side to assess the risk can mean the difference between costly penalties and trivial restitution payments. Let our team perform the complicated audits and assessments to bring your company into compliance.

Audits & Assessments

Our Assessments Can Include:

  • Bid and Contract Language Review for Inclusion of Prevailing Wage Verbiage
  • Review of Client Labor Compliance Monitoring and Process
  • Detailed Audits for Misclassifications, Underpayments, Overtime, Pre-Determined Increases, Fringe Benefits & Restitution Owed to Workers
  • Full Audit Status and Compliance Assessment Report
  • Summary of Recommended Action Plan to Achieve Full Compliance
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