Prevailing Wage in Hawaii

Surf, sand, and prevailing wage in the Land of Aloha!? Chapter 104 of the Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS) established and details Prevailing Wage mandates in Hawaii. The code sets the minimum wage and hour requirements for laborers and mechanics working on public works projects in Hawaii. It requires contractors and subcontractors to pay their workers no less than the prevailing wage rate for similar work in the same locality. The law aims to ensure that workers are paid fairly for their work on public projects and to prevent contractors from underbidding one another by paying their workers less than the prevailing wage. It is important to note that Chapter 104 applies to all public works projects over $2,000 involving a Governmental Contracting Agency, regardless of funding source. By enforcing this law, Hawaii is committed to protecting the rights of workers and ensuring that they are compensated fairly for their work on public projects.