There is no dollar amount threshold for the payment of prevailing wages in Texas. While Texas law does not specifically define “certified payroll records”, Section 2258.024 of the Government Code provides that contractors must keep records showing that all employees working on public projects have been and are being paid at least the prevailing wage rate for all time worked on the project. The prevailing wage is determined by using a survey of wages paid for similar work in the locality, or by using the rate determined by the U.S. DOL to be the prevailing wage under the Davis-Bacon Act.

Compliance Tips:

  • Austin and Houston have their own prevailing wage requirements. Please contact Alliant for more details.
  • Texas prevailing wage law does not maintain different rates for working on the weekend. Any hours worked in excess of forty hours per week are compensated at time and one-half.
  • Most of Texas defaults to Davis-Bacon wages, however, some localities have specific prevailing wage regulations. Please contact Alliant for more details.