Rhode Island

The threshold for the payment of prevailing wages on public works projects in Rhode Island is $1,000. Contractors must refer to the applicable Davis-Bacon wage rate schedule to determine the prevailing wage rates for a public works construction project. Contractors must also adjust employees’ hourly wage rates (if applicable) every July 1st in accordance with any updated Davis-Bacon Wage Determination rates.

Compliance Tips:

  • Every contractor/subcontractor awarded a contract for public works shall submit completed RI Certified Weekly Payroll forms listing all employees working on the job-site to the awarding authority on a monthly basis for all work completed in the preceding month. Substituting this form with company payroll forms, or other state or federal forms is not acceptable.
  • On a daily basis, every contractor and subcontractor shall maintain on the site where public works are being constructed and the general or primary contract is $1,000,000 or more, a Rhode Island Certified Prevailing Wage Daily log of employees working each day on that public works project by the contractor and/or subcontractor.