According to Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industries, prevailing wage rates are applicable to construction workers on all public works projects in Oregon that has a total project cost of over $50,000. The rates in effect at the time agency advertises the project are the rates to paid throughout the project. Contractors are responsible for filing a $30,000 public works bond with the Construction Contractors Bond (CCB) to participate in a project subject to prevailing wage. Subcontracts should include this bond requirement, as this pertains to all contractors, unless exempt.

Compliance Tips:

  • The word “public works” refers to anything that is being built, rebuilt, extensively renovated, or painted by a public agency in the public interest, including but not limited to roads, highways, buildings, structures, and improvements of all kinds.
  • When a project employs federal funds that require compliance with the federal Davis-Bacon Act and is also subject to regulation under the state PWR legislation, the project will be subject to both the state PWR law and the federal Davis-Bacon Act simultaneously.
  • Please note, multiple wage determinations can be applicable under one project if it involves more than a single construction type.