According to the Bureau of Wage & Hour Administration, Ohio’s prevailing wage law covers public improvements costing at least $78,258 or reconstruction work that is at least $23,477. Prevailing wage rates for covered work would be applicable to laborers, workers, or mechanics during the life of the contract for work performed.

Compliance Tips:

  • Per Ohio Revised Code Ch 4115(c) “Public improvement includes all buildings, roads, streets, alleys, sewers, ditches, sewage disposal plants, water works, and all other structures or works constructed by a public authority of the state or any political subdivision thereof or by any person who, pursuant to a contract with a public authority, constructs any structure for a public authority of the state or a political subdivision thereof.”
  • There are exceptions to public improvements that are subject to prevailing wage, which can be found under Section 4115.04 of the Ohio Revised Code.
  • Apprentices must be under a bona fide apprenticeship program and registered with the Ohio apprenticeship council.