New York

The New York State prevailing wage requirement include all public work contracts between a government entity and a contractor. The Bureau of Public Work is responsible for administering Article 8 and 9 of the New York State Labor Laws which covers public construction and building services contracts. Public work projects that are categorized in these areas are subject to the New York State prevailing wage requirement.

Compliance Tips:

  • Under Article 8 (Construction), public work is determined by applying the three-prong test, which include the public agency being part of the contract, the work performed is construction-like labor paid for by public funds, and the general public’s use or other benefit must be the work product’s principal goal or purpose.
  • Under Article 9 (Building Services), is a contract between a contractor and a public agency for more than $1500.00 in which the main goal is to provide services using building service staff.
  • Please note, the City of New York may contain its own prevailing wage schedule.