New Mexico

The threshold of the payment of prevailing wages on public works projects in New Mexico is $60,000.

Compliance Tips:

  • The Public Works and Apprenticeship Application (PWAA) is the online database exchange between the New Mexico Department Workforce Solutions, apprenticeship programs, contractors, and contracting agencies. The PWAA is an interactive tool providing many self-service activities including: registering apprentices; issuing apprentice certifications; entering wage decision requests; completing public works paperwork; making apprenticeship contributions; and contractor registration/renewals.
  • Contracting agencies are responsible for ensuring all contractors who wish to bid on a Public Works project when the project is $60,000 or more are actively registered with the Public Works and Apprenticeship Application (PWAA) website: (Contractor Registration) prior to bidding.
  • General contractors must provide a complete Subcontractor List and Statements of Intent (SOI) to Pay Prevailing Wages for all contractors, regardless of amount of work, to the contracting agency within 3 (three) days of award.