In Nevada, every public contract over $250,000 pursuant to Assembly Bill 136 passed during 2019 Legislative Session (for Redevelopment Projects the contract amount is $100,000), is subject to prevailing wages and requires the employment of skilled or unskilled labor in the performance of a public work. Public works contracts must contain in expressed terms the rate of wages to be paid to each of the classes of workmen. The rate of wages must not be less than the rate of such wages then prevailing in the county in which the public work is located.

Compliance Tips:

  • Pursuant to the provisions of NRS 338.020, a contractor or subcontractor must pay any mechanic or workman one and one half times the applicable prevailing wage rate for work performed on a public work in excess of forty hours in a workweek or eight hours in any workday. Zone Rates are added to the hourly rate, and then overtime is calculated on that rate.
  • Awarding bodies must request a Public Works Identifying Number PWP Number. The public body is responsible for making the request from the Labor Commissioner.