The main body responsible for enforcing wage and hour laws in the State of Nevada is the Office of the Labor Commissioner (OLC). The Prevailing Wage for Public Works Projects is also set by the Office of the Labor Commissioner.

According to Assembly Bill 136, which was passed during the 2019 Legislative Session, every public contract in Nevada over $250,000 (and redevelopment projects over $100,000) is subject to prevailing wages and necessitates the employment of skilled or unskilled labor in the performance of a public work. The rate of pay to be paid to each class of workers in public works contracts must be specified and not be less than the rate prevailing in the county where the public work is being performed.

Compliance Tips:

  • Any project for the new building, maintenance, or reconstruction of a project financed entirely or partially with public funds for jails, prisons, and all publicly owned works and property is referred to as a “public work.”
  • Public work projects exempt from prevailing wage requirement include normal maintenance (janitorial, landscaping, etc.), emergency (disaster/health, safety/welfare), railroad work, or projects under $100,000.