According to the State of Missouri Division of Labor Standards (DLS), projects valued over $75,000 is subject to prevailing wage law. The prevailing wage law requires that not less than the locally prevailing wages be paid to workers on every construction project in the state that is state funded, in whole or in part or for the public use or benefit.

The Annual Wage Order lists the prevailing wage rates in each county for the applicable occupational categories and is released every year by July 1st.

Compliance Tips:

  • All fixed works built for the benefit of the public or funded for entirely or partially with public monies are referred to as “public works.” It excludes any work carried out by or for drainage or levee districts.
  • The contractor will forfeit a penalty to the contracting public body of $100 per day (or portion of a day) for each worker that is paid less than the prevailing rate for any work done under the contract by the contractor or by any subcontractor.
  • If employees have not already completed the safety training program and have proof of completion, contractors and any subcontractors participating in prevailing wage public work project must require their employees to complete the ten-hour construction safety training program required by Section 292.675, RSMo.