Massachusetts prevailing wage law has no minimum dollar threshold requirement and all public works projects require the payment of prevailing wages.

Compliance Tips:

  • Prevailing wages must be paid to all employees on public works projects regardless of whether they are employed by the general contractor, a filed sub-bidder, or any sub-contractor, regardless of union or non-union status.
  • Under Massachusetts prevailing wage law, for projects lasting more than one year, contractors must obtain updated wage rate schedules from the awarding authority. All wage increases listed on the schedule, if any, must be paid on the specified dates.
  • In Massachusetts, anyone that supervises construction work/demolition (even a crew of 1) is required to obtain a license. The Division of Capital Asset Management certifies contractors who work on public building projects. This division may be reached at: (617) 727-4053.
  • “Public works” projects include new construction, renovation, repair, demolition, road or highway work, the rental of equipment, moving office furniture, cleaning state office buildings, trash hauling, and school bus transportation.