According to the State of Maryland, prevailing wage rates apply to construction projects estimated to cost $250,000 or more and either:

  1. The awarding public body is an instrumentality of the state or a division of state government and there is any state funding or
  2. The awarding public body is another agency, political subdivision, entity, or person and at least 25% of the money is state funding.

Wage determinations are issued for each locality, which includes 23 counties and Baltimore City. Additionally, Maryland Prevailing Wage Rates are issued separately for building and highway projects on a county-by-county and craft-by-craft basis by the Division of Labor & Industry – Prevailing Wage Unit.

Compliance Tips:

  • Construction projects include a building, bridge, ditch, road, alley, waterwork, or sewage disposal facility that is built for the benefit of the public or that was partially or entirely financed using public funds.
  • A fine of $20 per day is imposed on anyone found to be paying less than the appropriate prevailing wage rate for each worker classified as “laborers” and “mechanics” including “apprentices.”