According to the State of Maine, prevailing wage rates apply to state funded public works projects estimated to cost $50,000 or more. Only public work projects for which the state agency or local government secured all or a portion of state funding specifically for the public work project are subject to prevailing wage. Projects that do not have state funding allocated to them are excluded (i.e. revenue sharing funds) or   maintenance work carried out by local or state employees. 

Prevailing wage is determined by the county in which the public work project is performed and the category of the project:

  • Building 1 – One or two family homes
  • Building 2 – Other than one or two family homes
  • Highway and Earthwork
  • Heavy and Bridge

Compliance Tips:

  • Public work comprises of all construction work on roads, highways, bridges, streets, alleys, sewers, ditches, sewage disposal facilities, demolition, waterworks, airports, and other infrastructure for which state funds is utilized for all or part of the funding. It also includes construction of public schools.
  • The Occupational Codes, Titles and Description can be used to obtain the proper classification based on scope of work.
  • Bidders should obtain the project-specific, formal wage determination from the agency soliciting bids for the project.