The threshold for payment of prevailing wages on public works projects in Maine is $50,000. Please note, the city of Portland has its own prevailing wage requirements. Prevailing wage rates are separated by county and category for the project:

  • Building 1 – One or two family homes
  • Building 2 – Other than one or two family homes
  • Highway and Earthwork
  • Heavy and Bridge

Compliance Tips:

  • General building contractors do not need to obtain a license in Maine. However, the following trades or occupations are required a license: Asbestos abatement work, Electrician, Oil or fuel burner servicer or installer, Plumber, Propane or natural gas servicer or installer.
  • According to Title 27, Chapter 37, to qualify as an apprentice in the state of Maine, an individual must: 1) be at least 16 years of age (higher minimum age standard of 18 years is required by the sponsor/is fixed by the law); 2) employed to learn and apprenticeship occupation that is approved by the department; 3) and is registered with the Maine Apprenticeship Program (MAP).