Only public works or public construction contracts worth more than $25,000 that are granted by the State of Alaska or a political subdivision thereof are subject to Alaska’s prevailing wage legislation, which follows the Little Davis-Bacon Act (LDBA).

The Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development (DOLWD) is responsible for and publishes the prevailing minimum rate of pay (Pamphlet 600) twice a year and it differentiates these rates based on its two regions:

  1. Northern Alaska – (the area that is north of N63 latitude and east of W138 longitude.)
  2. South Central/Southeast Alaska – (the area that is south of N63 latitude and west of W138 longitude.)

Compliance Tips:

  • Public works include the erection, rehabilitation, alteration, extension, or repair of buildings, highways, or other improvements to real property, which include painting or redecorating.
  • Awarding bodies must file a Notice of Work with the DOLWD and pay all applicable filing fees through the Labor Standard & Safety Division (LSS) Online Services.
  • Only the prime contractor is required to pay the filing fee, which is applicable to public construction contracts worth more than $25,000.